Friday, September 11, 2009

CPSIA compliance

I know, I know — it sounds boring, doesn't it? Last year's Consumer Product Safety Information Act, parts of which just went into effect last month, requires all manufacturers of articles for children to label their products in such a way that they can determine the source of the materials used to make the products.

Yawn all you want, roll your eyes all you want. I had a glorious time coming up with product labels. Well, glorious except for the incident with the hot iron and the polyester ribbon, which was hilarious in its own way, but you really had to be there. And now, when you order something I made after August 14th, you'll get a great little permanent tag with it that says you bought it from Teesies...which means that your friends, instead of having to ask you where you got that adorable baby blanket, can surreptitiously check a seam.

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