Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Itty bitty khakis

I took down the listing for My Friend Mandy PJs last month and immediately got several convos asking if I'm still making the PJs. Yikes! There really are other Mandy fiends out there. Yes, I'm still making them — I'd just run out of the fabric that's pictured on the doll, and will have to take some new photos. In the meantime, the listing is back up, and there are now five different patterns available.

And then Dawn S. wrote, "Do you remember the outfit...plaid top, khaki pants, yellow backpack? It's a lot like an LL Bean ensemble."

So...I started sewing. I've finished a pair of khakis and just need to put snaps on the shirt. Would you believe, in all of the random odds and ends of notions that are floating around in my sewing machine cabinet, that I don't have the right size snaps? This morning I made a quick dummy backpack out of muslin. Allowing for naps, a preschool pickup, and a board meeting tonight. I should have a finished pack by sometime tomorrow. Watch for the entire hiking outfit to be posted in my shop later this week!